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Hotmail Login – Hotmail is one of the top email providers, with lots of users all over the world, patronizing their services. Hotmail is one of Microsoft’s products, and since its traditional appearance has been merged with Outlook, Hotmail accounts can now be assessed through outlook website or app.

You can access your Hotmail account on any desktop and mobile device; it is compatible with different operating systems.

You can choose to log in to your account through the app or you can access your account through a web browser; it can be assessed both on mobile and desktop devices.

Hotmail Login

How to Login to Hotmail on Desktop

Hotmail has been merged with Microsoft Outlook, so you will be redirected to outlook website when you visit the Hotmail website through any web browser.

Just follow these steps to log into your account on desktop:

  • Go to Hotmail official website which is now same with outlook website
  • Enter your email address
  • Click NEXT
  • Enter your password
  • Then finally click SIGN IN  
  • If your account is already logged in through the browser, you can have access to your inbox; however, if it opens to someone else’s login, you will need to log out the account before you can log into yours.
  • To log out of the account, click the Profile Icon at the top corner of the screen, then click SIGN OUT on the drop-down menu that appears. This will log the account out; then, you can log into your own account by clicking the SIGN IN link that appears in the middle of the page beside the CREATE FREE ACCOUNT link. You can then log in using your login details.

How to Log in to Hotmail on Mobile

Hotmail can be assessed on mobile either through your phone’s web browser or through the Hotmail app on your device. Once you have downloaded and installed the Hotmail app on your device, you can then log into your account by following these steps:

  • Tap to open the Outlook app on your mobile device
  • Then click GET STARTED  
  • Enter your email address for your Hotmail account
  • Tap CONTINUE  
  • Then enter your password  
  • Then click SIGN IN finally
  • If the app opens to an account that is not yours, you will need to remove the account and add yours to enable you to log in to your account.
  • To remove the account, just tap the Menu icon at the top corner of the screen, then tap the heart-shaped at the bottom of the menu. Tap the current email address, click DELETE ACCOUNT, and then finally click DELETE to remove the account when prompted to do so.
  • Then you can finally add your account using your login details.


In conclusion, you need to ensure you login to your account after ten days of creating an account or it will be deleted. Your account will also be deleted if you don’t log into your account for over 270 days. So, you need to ensure you log into your account frequently so that it will not be deleted; once it is deleted, you will have to create a new account.